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Ima Flit Jerkbaits (Core)

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The Flit is named for its erratic fleeing action and at 100mm and 120mm in length, was designed on the basic premise of "matching the hatch."The ima Jerk bait, designed with a wide back, flat sides, and a narrow stomach, is designed to closely mimic the flat-sided Herring and/or Panfish prey, common in the U.S.The Flit 100 and 120 incorporates a realistic finish, a uniquely designed bill for ease of use and specially designed triangular chambers. 


  • Ima Flit Jerk baits (Core)  Type: Suspending 
  • Flit 100   Length: 3.9 in.     Weight: 3/8 oz.   Depth 3 to 5 ft.
  • Flit 120   Length: 4.75 in.   Weight: 1/2 oz.   Depth: 6 to 8 ft.