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Damiki Brute Crankbait

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The Damiki Brute Square-bill Crank bait was made to grind and careen into structure, generating killer deflections. A fast floater, you can crank it down into trees, and it comes through brush really well. Also a great choice for ripping out of grass, it was made to brutalize shallow water bass. It also features the same weight transfer system as the Damiki DC crank baits, which allows you to cast it a mile even though it only weighs in at 3/8 oz. Equipped with super sharp hooks and incredible detailing like all Damiki baits, the Damiki Brute Square-bill Crank Bait is the choice of top pros like FLW Tour standout, Bryan Thrift.


  • Damiki Brute Crankbait
  • Length: 2.7 in.  Weight: 3/8 oz.  
  • Depth: 4 to 5 ft.  Type: Floating