Duo Realis

DUO Realis G-Fix Vibration 68 Lipless Crankbait

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The Realis G-Fix series was put into shape based on the conception of     Mr. Takashi Nishijima, who is a pro-guide based in the Biwako area with    his sights on "big bass”.The first model was developed with Mr. Nishijima's strong determination and belief in the heavy weight tuning model of a super flat body, rarely   seen in injection type vibration lures. The fixed steel ball (6.5mm x 1) and  the free moving rattle balls (3.0mm x 12) have been replaced with the same size tungsten spheres. Furthermore, a molded fixed weight has also been added in the head section of the lure increasing the total weight by 5g compared to the normal model. 

  • DUO Realis G-Fix Vibration 68
  • Length: 2-5/8 in.   Weight: 3/4 oz.   Type: Sinking