Fish Allure

Fish Allure Scented Tabs

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  • Fish Allure Scented Tabs
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The Proof is in the Science

See for yourself…download our Field Study results here.

The breakthrough behind FISH Allure comes at the molecular level

After thousands of lab trials, scientists created a proprietary polymer film that stores and releases amino acids and other active ingredients at levels that exceed a fish’s scent threshold. FISH Allure is manufactured by Chemsultants International, a world-renowned technical organization which has been developing products for clients for nearly 30 years. Chemsultants’ roots in adhesive consulting have laid the groundwork for some of the most innovative consumer products on the market. FISH Allure is one of the latest examples of this. The Science2 Sport™ brand envisions using this patent-pending technology as a platform to launch other high tech products to enhance consumer experiences.

Using this scientifically-engineered, patent-pending technology and award winning product, will greatly enhance the overall experience of fishermen: amateur and professional anglers alike.