Nories Wrapping Minnow 10g

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Factory team with a flexible idea not caught by theory Makoto Ishii. Thinking that "fishing all the school bass" he created a completely new type of lure. It's aim is more appealing than jig head worm swimming, finesse lure than tail spin jig. Volume is small, distance can be taken, range control is free, things attacked without slamming the bass. "Lapping minnow" that embodied such a dreamlike lure. At first glance, the body that looks like a regular plug is a composite that combines foam plastic that becomes buoyant body to jig head frame. By setting a prop to a small I-shaped body which can be flying and submerged, microwave appeal and range control will be added and body rolls will also occur. As a hard lure, it has an appeal degree that is positioned at the weakest position, it is a completely new type of hard lure that it corresponds to the jig head-like bottom trace as well as winding in a somewhat downward swimming posture. 


  • Length: 56 mm   Weight: 10.0 grams.   Type: Sinking