Roman Made Swimbaits

Roots of Roman Made: The environment where I had grown up was naturally rich and it didn’t take very much time and I was absorbed in the charm of fishing. First, I was absorbed in the crucian carp fishing in the brook by my house. As I clung to something until the sun grows dark. One day, my father took me to a distant river. It was the Oe river (in Gifu Prefecture) if I thought now. Then, I meet “Black bass” there. I was ten years old. It had power, and my body and mind were taken to this game in above all. There are only lures of my attachment in my tackle box though there weren’t a lot of numbers of lures as today. The lure was an American lure. I began to come to feel various discoveries and the doubts while I casted it tens and hundreds of times a day. “This lure is a long ages more. “”Why don’t it move so. At the same time, I began to make the lure by watching and imitating. And, the first my handmade lure was completed.