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MAKO Polarized Sunglasses APEX

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MAKO Polarized Sunglasses Apex is an attractive, comfortable frame that sits lightly on the nose of the wearer. Positioned slightly off the face to reduce fogging, Apex has rubber pads on the arms and nose to reduce slippage during quick head movements.

Mako Blue Mirror (G1HR6)

The Blue Mirror polarized lens is perfect for environments where very high contrast is required. Its non-distorting brown base color works well with a High Definition (HD) filter to increase contrast, and also to enhance color and remove harmful UV light. The Blue Mirror’s Infrared (IR) filter significantly reduces heat transfer for maximum comfort.

Mako Green Mirror (G2H5)

The Green Mirror polarized lens’ features a special rose base color which helps you see enhanced detail (and fish!) at a greater depth. This Green Mirror reflects the brightest sunlight while its High Definition (HD) filter removes harmful UV light rays, enhances color and increases contrast.