Division Rebel Tackle (DRT)

DRT Joker Swim Baits

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The DRT Joker is a Fat Body floating wake-bait or glide-bait (removable wide lip) that pushes water violently leaving a bubble vortex in it's path. Containing a series of glass rattles that calls predatory fish from deep water. If you remove the lip and wind it in slowly it meanders with a completely different action.

"TOPWATER New frontier. Extreme strong wave extreme wake bait KLASH "JOKER" KLASH face, detachable lip - tail structure is as it is Violent water flow by high buoyancy fat body and large lip ~ water push is not only shallow and muddy water but clear lake ~ deep High appeal to fish too. Load multiple grass rattles, play jalajara and noise, anger the territory busy conscious bus, chase a child bus girls scattering around and challenge the fighting of a large bus. If you remove the lip and wind it in a slow motion, it makes a meandering water surface silently and you can invite it with a movement different from lip action.

  • DRT Joker
  • Length: 8.2 in  Weight: 3 oz  Type: Floating