Decoy Y-F33F Treble Extra Fine Wire Ultra Sharp Point

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Decoy Y-F33F Treble Sharp byte also adopts a sharper Long Spear Point for 1X fine wire which also hooks up.There is a further lower coefficient of friction, which is a Versatile treble hook with a fluorine-based surface treatment "Silky F coat" that realizes smoother stabbing. Also available in # 1/0 ~ 4/0 size which is the largest in freshwater, also corresponds to Magnum-class big baits etc. of 20 cm in length. Furthermore, it is possible to set precise hook setting in the wide range, and support hooking with plugs of various sizes.Fluorine surface treatment Silky F coat which realizes a smoother stabbing with low friction coefficient.


● Straight Long Spear Point adopted quick hookup adoption.
● 1 x Fine Wire & Micro Barb Adopted for Hooking even with Light Power.
● Examination of brazing material that emphasizes strength and toughness, adopt "Solid System" which draws out hook performance of each one.
● Smooth eye adoption that prevents metal fatigue of split ring and can set smoothly.
- Tattoi (In-Line Eye) specification that corresponds to every lure and achieves smooth hooking.
● A wide range of size liners that can accommodate a wide range of size.