ATTIC Lures Gecco Frog

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The ATTIC Lures Gecco Frog It can not be imagined from the cute appearance, "Gecco" that demonstrates performance before handsome We will clear hard hurdles without difficulty, such as wild ponds covered with rhododendron and Aoko and intricate fallen trees. With a low center of gravity design, you can receive water in a flat tummy without turning over even when you are landing, you can approach the point without feeling uncomfortable with soft water sounds. Also, if you make a jerk at a break or pocket of a weed, it pushes the water received in the stomach and generates a splash sound like a popper. In open water, not only can you produce a real frost swim at a continuous twitch, but also an action that aimed at pinpoint is effective. From open water to hard cover, everything is a big success in every situation "Gecco" is!


  • ATTIC Lures Gecco Frog
  • Length: 100 mm  Weight: 23 grams Type: Topwater