ATTIC Lures Snapper LB original "Back Fin System"

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ATTIC original "Back Fin System" demonstrates exceptional motor performance!"SNAPPER LB" was developed for Super Shallow Range,It is a non category lure that does not belong to any of a myriad of genres.With "Back Fin System" developed by ATTIC, as well as other unusual form,A variety of actions such as gargling, popping, swimming, jerking etc. are possible with a single body without having experienced a new sensation swimming and a variety of directing. Changing personality easily by change of reeling speed and rod tip, Switching from static to dynamic can also be done quickly, making it easy to make timing for eating. The movement of "SNAPPER LB" is like .. I do not know. I can not explain with expressions like. Please fully use the completely new new sense Super Shallow Range Lure "SNAPPER LB”.Originally the fish moves forward with the tail as the driving force.A normal lure swim will be an unnatural swim that will be pulled ahead."Back Fin System" allows for natural swimming to be pushed from the back while swinging the tail, enabling actions with mysterious sensations such as losing the line and swimming alone.It is a shape that has become as much as possible based on a certain concept, not a design that aims at odds, it is not a target design.


  • ATTIC Lures Snapper LB original
  • Length: 3 in  Weight: 16 grams  Type: Sub-surface