ATTIC Lures Water Leaf Super Finesse Vibration Bait

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  • ATTIC Lures Water Leaf
  • Length: 45 mm just under 2 in
  • Weight: 5.5 g
  • Type: Super Slow Sinking


The ATTIC Lures "Water Leaf" can be used like ordinary vibrations, but since it takes a shocking action even in an ultra slow retrieve, it is possible to use a "water one" as a bite and a slide beneath the surface of the water bite the other vibrating lure The way you can not imitate is the most effective.

It is set to low center of gravity because the conventional vibration lure emphasizes the stability at the time of retrieval, but "Water Leaf"dare to set the center of gravity slightly upward, and instability elements Introduction, shape is vibration, but finished so that the behavior of small real fishes can be delicately represented by rod action.

Although it is possible to use it like a conventional casting lure to explore a wide range with a long cast, you can also hit a short range from a middle point with a pinpoint and let your feet under the shore of Nooike drift We invite you to respond to various situations.