Deps MIDST Jig Heads (4pk)

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The Deps MIDST Jig Heads have a rolling action. The line eye that extends straight up from the round-shaped head has a balance that makes it easy to roll by handling the line slug, and the horizontal eye suppresses the deviation of the line binding part to eliminate the failure of the action, and everyone can perform stable rolling action. It is a jig head that can be operated.For hooks compatible with 5 to 6 inch class bulky worms, select a wire diameter that takes into consideration the interaction with the big bass. In addition, the heavy weight setting makes it easy to operate the rolling action while suppressing the floating even in the deep range on the PE line where the specific gravity is light and the difficulty is high, and the wire diameter Φ0.35mm stainless steel spring wire guard that does not interfere with hooking By equipping it, it greatly reduces the stacking on structures such as wires and fishing reefs and makes deep capture easier.