Deps New Slide Swimmer 175 (Knock Sound) Glide Bait

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  • Deps New Slide Swimmer 175
  • Length: 7-1/2 in.  
  • Weight: 2.8 oz.  
  • Type: Slow Sinking / Knock Sound


Deps New Slide Swimmer 175 is a deadly trout bait "slide swimmer" which was created by a completely new manufacturing method from a concept different from all the big baits so far called weak wave / soft sound.
Covered with a sublimated body material "ABS resin hollow core" and a real soft shell, this big bait is unique soft sound, unlimited soft wave and texture close to genuine, bite swim in defenseless in straight retrieve In the twitch and jerk that reproduces fish and scarred weak dying baitfish in a real way and responds promptly to the operation of the rod, it boasts a high strike rate by giving "between" to induce bytes at the point here . Secondary actions generated by a soft shell overhanging the front core body, generated by pushing the rear body back in elasticity, a unique life that the water-through duct takes in the water flow from the face and brings it to a soft shell with a slight deflection Feeling, quiet appeal deceives monsters. It is not just a real or just a soft one, the characteristic that can not be imitated only by the "slide swimmer" makes the big bait game more reliable.

The spring weight system mounted on the head part creates micro vibrations with a sense of life by rocking weights and triggers a byte with a knock sound that hits the inner wall at the time of jerk.