Deps PULSECOD Jr. Popper

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Developed to catch tough big bass in the afterspawn period and high pressure fields, "Pulse Cod" turns a big bass in a neutral state into a bite with a boil sound that switches to predation mode and an extremely natural wave with spring weights. It is a new dimension popper completed to guide.The flat cup shape with bulges on both sides to improve straightness and the characteristic design and setting that emphasizes a nearly horizontal diagonal floating posture, the cup contains water received from the front without letting it escape, and firmly in front It is finished as a popper that can be pushed out. In addition to the performance that emphasizes water biting that responds swiftly to the strength of the rod work, from the pop sound that pecks the water surface to the predatory sound that sucks in, the spring mounted inside the body accordingly When the weight trembles, a fine wave of pitch is generated when posing. On a flat surface, the falling insects create ripples that make their wings quiver. From pin spots in fields and reservoirs to weed flats in big lakes, "Pulse Cod" has a strong presence and super-natural vibrations, and promises a top water game to catch as the strongest popper.


Length: 2.56”   Weight: 10.0g   Type: Floating