Deps Silent Killer 250 Swimbait

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Deps "New Silent Killer 250" is a magnum sized big bait that was developed only to capture huge fish. With real shell wave of soft shell and ABS hollow core real body and fish fishing power of 250 mm large mass body releases, it enables different-sized monster hunting which aim at record class inhabiting the water area . Deps "New Silent Killer 250" invites with surface wobbling with a powerful, realistic wave motion to the surface ~ 1.5 m range, also supports dead sticking. Even the 70 cm UP is not a dream or phantom, and the new criteria Big Bait that brought about a demand that can be said to be extreme for hunters who follow it. Boasting the size and weight of the do-it-yourself who chooses the user "new silent killer 250" should be the only one that can obtain a definite answer in harsh giant fish hunting that only follows record class size.



  • Deps Silent Killer 250 Swimbait
  • Length: 10 in  Weight: 5.8 oz
  • Type: Riser Model