DSTYLE Shake Shad 2.5” 8pk

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The DSTYLE Shake Shad 2.5” although it is a general shad tail, it adopts a variable pitch tail which receives the water pressure at the time of retrieval and closes the flat part and becomes in line with the body. The variable pitch tail blends into the silhouette of the whole body with a tight roll action, directing the bait fish to swim to the surface layer as if it is unprotected. Even for severe bass that will not be able to overlook with I-shaped lures, it can be brought to bite by appealing to food quality with the power of the tail action that produces ultra-fine waves. The variable pitch tail changes from a high-pitch roll action to a slow swing type action when the line tension goes out with no sinker, Carolina rig, down shot and so on. In addition to appealing to the eating habits, induce a reaction byte due to the sharpness of this movement. A new generation of shad tail worms that combines the advantages of I-shaped lures and the advantages of shad tails.