DSTYLE SVSB 1.8" (Super Vibe Thinking Bug) 6pk

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DSTYLE SVSB 1.8" (Super Vibe Thinking Bug) commercialized Shake Shad's insect tune that won the 2017 JBTOP50 Series Yasaka Dam.Full feedback of Daisuke Aoki Kodawari to the compact body. Based on Shake Shad, the body is equipped with slits to improve hooking performance and hook snaglessness. The legs are molded in one piece with the body instead of rubber, and the legs vibrate slightly. In addition, by adopting a core shot, the center of the body has a high specific gravity and the leg portion has a low specific gravity, which also contributes to stable flight distance, fall, and leg movement.It is also possible to change the action depending on the hook setting direction.The head side will fall horizontally and the tactile side will fall back.