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Evergreen SB (Shower Blow) Topwater Plug

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The Evergreen SB-105 SB (Shower Blow) was developed by Morizo Shimizu out of a desire to apply the overwhelming fish-luring talent of the original SB known as the big bass killer — to an expanded bass-fishing community. The ability to search the water surface and cast-ability, top-of-the-class luring and casting distance capacity were all left untouched. But we went on an exhaustive quest for the right body size to attract even more bites. Rotating between the original SB (Shower Blow) the angler has at his disposal a strategic game plan that can adapt to a variety of circumstances.


  • SB-105   Length: 4-1/8”   Weight: 9/16 oz 
  • SB-125   Length: 4-7/8”   Weight: 15/16 oz
  • SB-150   Length: 6”          Weight: 1-1/2 oz