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Flash Union UNION SWIMMER 120 Feco model Swimbaits

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Union Swimmer is the world's first feature-packed, groundbreaking floating swimbait. Due to its high buoyancy, it can be adjusted to your buoyancy with a body shot or nail sinker. In addition, the design is calculated so that the body receives water just by pulling it and dives quickly, so the tail starts to move greatly even in a dead throw and you can pull slowly just below the water surface, so you have a bite chance compared to the conventional swim bait. It will be greatly improved. And surprisingly, the union swimmer realizes a sharp dirt on the left and right by inserting a strong jerk. It is possible to make a reaction bite for a bus that ends with just a chase. Nogales' first triple hook is used for the hook. In addition to the sharpened hook points, Teflon processing is applied to ensure that the hard jaw of the big bass is pierced.


  • Length: 120mm   Weight: 5/8 oz   Type: Floating


New Stinger step down tail that inherits the basic performance of 155 . The 120 uses a newly developed shape that has a fast pitch and swings to the left and right! Depending on the strength of the jerk, the tail that can make a small popping sound to a loud predatory sound compensates for the lack of appeal due to the small body.


By installing the float chamber above the inner super core, a high level of balance is ensured. This is where the weight of the hook alone creates an amazing body balance that does not tilt without weight.

Hook hold system PAT.P

By installing the world's first hook hold system on the swimbait, it is possible to set the hook as many times as you like. Since it holds more stably than sticking a hook in the abdomen, it is hard to come off by skipping etc., and a new structure released when the bus hits. After hooking up, it will be free and the baldness will be drastically reduced.