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Flash Union Union Swimmer 155

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The Flash Union Union swimmer 155 is a revolutionary floating swim bait full of the world's first features. Because of its high buoyancy, it can be adjusted to your favorite buoyancy with body shots and nail sinkers.Moreover, by the design which was calculated only so that the body receives water from the body and is calculated so as to dive promptly, since the tail starts to move greatly even in the dead throw, it is possible to draw a throw right under the water surface, so that a byte opportunity is higher than the conventional swim bait I upload it much more.And surprisingly, Union swimmer realized a dirt with sharp left and right by putting a strong jerk.It is possible to make the bus which finished with only Chase a reaction byte.Hook adopts the first triple hook of the Nogales.In addition to the sharpened hook point, by further applying Teflon processing, it surely penetrates the hard jaw of the big bass.

  • Flash Union Union Swimmer 155
  • Length: 155 mm.  Weight: 42 grams.  Type: Floating