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G-Ratt Handcrafted Baits Kincanon Swimming Rat

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  • Body Length: 8 in.   Body Length With Tail: 14 in
  • Weight: 4.9 oz.   Type: Topwater Swimming Rat 


One could say as a swimbait angler, that one of the most exciting types of swimbaits to fish is a “Rat”! It mixes all the best features into one menacing package. A rat bait is a large profile topwater presentation targeting large fish that are actively feeding shallow, and looking toward the surface. There’s a special aggression and explosion that a rat bait produces. When a fish commits to eating a small mammal it has crossed a sacred line. The aquatic world belongs to the predatory fish we chase but once that fish chooses to venture into our world it has to do so with full commitment. A rat, or any other rodent has claws, teeth, and a voracious will to survive and reproduce. They will not give up these rights without a fight. Largemouth Bass know this for a fact! When they hit a rodent they must hit it hard, turn immediately to take it under water and start to work those crushers into subduing their prey or risk serious injury. As anglers this means we get to witness one of natures great predators destroy our bait with full force. Half the fun of fishing hard baits is the actual swimming of the lure, we get to imitate our adversary’s prey while hunting the predator. We are the masters of deception!