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Gan Craft 7.1" DEAD SWORD Limited White Noise only 50 Made Casting Rod

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The DEAD SWORD is designed specifically to be used with Jointed Claw178. Normally with rods designed to cast big baits focus only on the ability to cast these heavy lures without thought on the rods ability to maintain hooking ability and the ability to get the most out of the lures action. The softer tapers of these other rods kill the swimming action of JOINTED CLAW, however, DEAD SWORD has a unique inertia in its taper by using high elastic carbon materials. This original taper action maximizes the width of the S swimming action the JOINTED CLAW is best known for. Angler need a variety of rod actions such as twitching, jerking and staying on the bottom to entice a fish strike. DEAD SWORD is easily used to make these actions by subtle use of the sensitive tip of the rod.

Using JOINTED CLAW requires maximum power that comes from the entire length of the rod to ensure strong hooking. All of these factors needed for using JOINTED CLAW are equipped in the purpose built DEAD SWORD.


Gan Craft Dead Sword Limited Edition White Noise Rod
Length: 7'1"   
Line: 16 to 30lb   
Lure: 1 to 3oz
Model: KG-00 6-710EXH
All Gan Craft rods have no warranty

This rod is going for $1,200 to $1,500 in the japan market