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Gan Craft DEAD SWORD 尺-ONE (Dead Sword Shaku One)KGB-00 9-800SEXH

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"Dead Sword Scale-ONE" was designed as a rod exclusively for the giant bait "Jointed Claw 303 Scale-ONE", which is one of the largest in the series. It is a "super monster" rod that combines super-dreadnought rod power and giant bait operability. When using the Jointed Claw 303 Shaku-ONE, the existing rods cannot be operated or even cast due to lack of power, and the potential of the Joined Claw 303 Shaku-ONE cannot be fully demonstrated. This dead sword scale-ONE emphasizes "power," "operability," and "good maneuverability." In order to make it easy to produce various actions such as "winding", "stopping", "flowing", "jerk", which are important for operating the joined claw as well as the cast, we have carefully finished the details of the rod such as the grip length and reel seat. It was. It is the ultimate one for manipulating the "overwhelming presence" of the Joined Claw 303 shaku-ONE, assuming cast, action, and landing.

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Length Weight Lure Weight Line Weight
      8ft (1pc.)        252g             4 - 12oz.           25 - 65lb.