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Gan Craft Lures Ripple Claw 178 Wakebaits

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Gan Craft Ripple Claw 178 Wake bait is a joint big bait to induce a strong appeal to byte by strong water Press and actions, the body and the body hits sound that entangled the water only wind just after the cast. By adjusting the retrieve speed rod angle, correspondence from intense sound argument wave action on the surface until the fierce Warwickshire Bun roll action of under water.In addition, the absolute feeling of vitality by the realistic face and realistic form, introduces a fascinating appeal to bytes to the target instantaneously a reaction bite've been choice from the course far away.In addition, jointed claw inheritance of exquisite body balance and the joint mechanism, caught even a slight stream of water, wind, the resistance of the line of surface-water, voluntarily produce a movement as if he lure alive.In addition, lip among the flow of early backwater and the inlet of the water flow is firmly action Grasp the water flow, and strongly appeal wave, sound, by the big silhouette. 


  • Length: 7 in.   Weight: 1.6 oz.   Type: Floating