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Gan Craft S-Caper

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The Gan Craft S Caper gives anglers the ultimate tool for getting bass to turn their attention up towards the surface. Beautifully shaped and precisely weighted, the Gan Craft S Caper saunters across the surface with a smooth walk-the-dog action and leaves an emanating wake in its trail.Internally, the Gan Craft S Caper features an advanced tungsten knocker that emits a super loud and very distinct tone that will undoubtedly get bass to shift their focus upwards. From end-to-end, the Gan Craft S Caper is covered in intricate details, including realistic 3D eyes, gill plate contours, and finely etched scaling. Armed with two razor-sharp trebles, the Gan Craft S Caper is just what you need to take your topwater game to the next level.


  • Gan Craft S-Caper
  • Length: 5-1/2 in.  Weight: 1 oz.  Type: Topwater