Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F Hard Body Swimbait

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The Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F Jointed Swimbait is the latest and is uniquely designed for maximum versatility, the Gilling Neo 160F is a 1.87oz, three-segment hard plastic swimbait featuring a removable bill. The bait features a naturally floating design, however with the bill inserted, the Gilling Neo is an exceptional crank-down swimbait capable of reaching depths of 6ft with a 16lb fluorocarbon line. With the bill removed, the bait is converted to a wakebait.



Gilling Neo (With Bill) Length: 6.25” Weight: 1.87oz  Depth: 6ft

Gilling Neo (No-Bill) Length: 6.25” Weight: 1.87oz  Depth: Wake