Hayabusa FPJ960 Jig Head 4pk

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Hayabusa Fishing, known for its legendary Japanese hook strength and innovative head/hook style, introduces the FPJ960 Jig Head for serious bass fishing anglers who demand the ultimate finesse open hook presentation.Sharp as its lead jig head is smooth and balanced, bass fishermen who want to create a finesse presentation with applicable soft plastic baits will immediate see the benefits of using the FPJ960 Jig Head.Greatness is within your grasp, so embrace this opportunity to fish with greater precision when the bite becomes more difficult.Though this jig head creates a more finesse-like presentation, the hook’s sharpness and durability can handle those lurking big bass who are more cautious in what they eat or do not eat.The FPJ960 Jig Head provides an immediate solution for a finicky largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass.