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HEROIN Lee Yankow Call Of The Wild Deck 8.25

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The first egg shape we made was suggested by Shimizu, it was loosely based on a Mike Carrol shape. I don’t know if you remember shapes back then but the wheelbases were super short, all under 14”, so it was 8.5 but because of the wheelbase it felt much smaller.Riders liked it though, but said that they’d like to see a bigger version. It took me a while to map out a bigger version, I updated the wheelbase and made this one 9.125 in the middle (About 8.625 above the trucks), I tried one out almost reluctantly to be honest, because I really like our popsicle shapes, but I found it so functional that I ended up skating five in a row and getting graphics put onto this shape at the factory whenever I’d need new boards. I rode this with Indy 149’s for a long time and it worked great. I stepped up to 159’s recently.