Imakatsu 3D Gillroid Jr. Swimbait

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The Imakatsu 3D Gill Roid Jr is a Bluegill type swim-baits become popular and now there is a lot of the same type on the market. Original Gill-Roid is one of top Bluegill type swim-baits and we finally completed Gill-Roid Jr as its downsized model. Gill-Roid Jr is downsized from 6.3inch/2.6oz to 5.3inch/1.8oz having fish-attracting ability by high speed and slow speed retrieving which is a special feature of flat-side bait. And also Gill-Roid Jr. has the same Boots Tail as original Gill-Roid which moves naturally and has kicking power. Basically it is hard to make an accurate cast of Bluegill type swim-baits because of flat body. But Gill-Roid Jr overcomes weaknesses with rocket shape wider body. It enables extremely long and accurate cast. With Boots tail, you make Bass pursue Gill-Roid Jr by retrieving, and then make Bass bites it by short-sliding just after stop. With Flat tail, you make reaction bite by jerking at pin-point or sight-fishing. You can try both technics depending on a situation.

  • Imakatsu 3D Gillroid Jr
  • Length: 13.5 cm.   Type: Slow Floating
  • Weight: 1.8 oz. (Boot Tail) 12.0 cm. (Flat Tail)