Imakatsu 3D IK Spin Jerk

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In March 2019, two people who used in the JB tournament just before debut suddenly won the podium, such as eliminating playfulness, "fishing gear” developed to demonstrate the strongest fishing ability under extreme pressure "Plug", that is IK spin jerk. A true finesse jerk bait that makes a difference with traditional diving shads and twitch minnows.In spite of the weight of 4g or more, it is a long throwing performance that is straight and unblurred like the longest unbeatable bullet in the class, and it keeps the horizontal range gently long without diving suddenly with a parallel swim posture, Demonstrate the effect of collecting fish on the bass.A jerk bait with a power that does not look like a small body.In addition, by adopting a short bill with a different angle from the minnow lip, a comfortable winding feeling is realized.With straight-line high-speed retrieval such as winding and fast winding, it also has the ability to pull the fish eater bite trigger without giving up on the bass.


  • Imakatsu 3D IK Spin Jerk
  • Length: 2.6 in (65mm)   Weight: 1.7 oz (4.2g)
  • Depth: 3 to 4 ft.   Type: Suspending / Silent
  • Action: Tight rolling action