Imakatsu ABERUBBER Jigs (Football Head)

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Overwhelming root avoidance type small rubber jig The ideal tournament quality small rubber jig that incorporates all the performance and abilities of Sumoraba, Aberaba has been updated.Its greatest feature is the overwhelming root avoidance ability indicated by its subname. From large-scale structures to complex covers, Aberaba takes advantage of its unique horizontal posture, proper monoguard, and high snagless ability due to the shape of the football head that does not easily fall over, and does not hesitate to cover the innermost zone and rock shavings. It is possible to attack to the place. The high level of practical ability of Aberaba is clear from the fact that he has already achieved overwhelming achievements such as winning the top 50 tournament, top weight at the proto stage, and interviewing numerous magazines. It is a new standard jig in the bait finesse era.