Imakatsu Baby Stealth Swimmer

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The new Imakatsu Baby Stealth swimmer adopted the Imakatsu own body inside fully retractable stealth hook system is a revolutionary Perfect Snug Les swim bait that the body outside does not have a hook. Magnetically attached storage fixed jumped formula stealth hook to the internal body,xlarge” Bass is byte, body of a hollow structure that tension is applied strong deflection on the line,And a spring effect due to the restoring force, in a synergistic effect of the movable jig head which applies the principle of the lever,Instant large hook pops out from the back slit, it pierces the jaw of the big bass.Stealth hook system, the eye is positioned in the body forefront portion,Straight to a structure that force is transmitted to the hook point.And preeminent slipping effect of Bush and Weed by this,Less penetration resistance than the Texas-style offset hook,It has achieved a reliable hooking. At the same time that the hook does not exist in the outside,It has the effect of relieving the visual vigilance of the bass. 


  • Length: 5 in
  • Quantity: 1 Surface 2m Range / 1 Sinking 2 to 4m Range