Imakatsu Berlinetta Crawler 2 Super Power Up Ver.

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Imakatsu Jointed Crawler Bait Berlinetta Crawler 2 renewed.We have made numerous improvements such as wing, pedestal, rolling swivel, berry design, rubber volume and so on, realizing low to medium speed capability comparable to that of the Avanta Crawler. At the same time, even when there are waves and winds, even when rain and water surface are rough,Appealing power and water biting performance of medium speed range that can wrap a wide range quickly, And demonstrate high hooking ability.It is the birth of the new-born Berlinetta Crawler which has two individualities.


  • Imakatsu Berlinetta Crawler
  • Length: 5 in   Weight: 1.5 oz  
  • Type: Floating/Crawler bait