Imakatsu Boota Frog

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Imakatsu Boota Frog the Ultimate rotary water surface strong wave system. The one that easily shakes its head is sliding on the water. When moving things that are difficult to move, large special waves are generated there, and the response of the bass changes drastically. Boota-Frog designed and pursued the wave which makes the bus serious by the developer  Kazuyuki Yabuta,It is a hybrid type frog. Pull out from spin turns rotating more than 180 degrees Strong Splash and strong water push, as well as a unique sound that comes from keelIt stimulates the instinct of the bus, as well as Leeds Front and Weed Pocket, Certain effects are also demonstrated with open water.It is somewhat special operation method and action, but Yasuda says that if you can grasp it even if you grab a knack, you can move it immediately. Boots-frog has both merits of swinging type and popper type, while cover and wear,Bush, floating garbage throw throbbas in confusing places, It has an unusual capability to strongly induce even in a short travel distance within the cover.


  • Imakatsu Boota Frog
  • Length: 60 mm.  Weight: 12 grams.  Type: Topwater