Imakatsu DO-NO Shad

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  • Length: 60 mm.   Weight: 7 grams.   Type: Floating


Among the hard plug of all genres, in Japan bus field Shad plug, which accounts for a very high frequency of use. However, since use of the write line is the premise, in a multi-and back-to-back of the Lost There it is only weakness. The weak point of such Shad lure To overcome, incorporating the obstacle avoidance performance as much as possible is Is the Do-No Shad of haze design. Hook beat system that haze design has developed, also in straight retrieve Shad induce a unique fine plover action, even if the bus of the neutral state At the same time and with the performance to bring in bytes, to Shad plug up to this It has a no obstacle avoidance capability. The "Do-No" of entirely new forms of cranking Shad Do-No shad, Meaning has been put that "you do not need to do anything to (Do Nothing)".