Imakatsu Gekiasa 3 Completer

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The Imakatsu Gekiasa 3 Completer has a sintered tungsten ball magnet magnetically mounted center of gravity movement loading. Gekiasa Series Ultimate Completed Model! Extraordinary flying type versus the ultimate complete body for spring explosion Beginning with modifying the lip riser 130 with a landscape eye, Gekiasa with a land view 100%. And after the development of the Gekiasa II Alive Roller born with original mold design from zero, after the birth, It is the Gekiasa III 130 Completer that updated Gekiasa 130 to the ultimate complete body. Big Minnow "Gekiasa III 130 Completer", which was born out of a wakasagi pattern of a Kasumizu system that drives a wakasagi into a shallow and shallow shallow flat and prey to evolve into a complete body after two years of experience and years, It will be a permanent standard for Big Minnow.


  • Imakatsu Gekiasa 3 Completer
  • Length: 130 mm  Weight: 16 g