Imakatsu IK-800 R2 Deep Impact

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Diving deep down into the abyss, the Imakatsu IK-800 R2 Deep Impact explores water that other crank baits won’t, so it can catch the fish that other crank baits can’t. Constructed with a durable, oversized lip, the Imakatsu IK-800 R2 Deep Impact is designed to dive down to 18-plus feet quickly and with an irresistible action. On the underside of the lip, the crank features a small eyelet that is made to attach a small drop shot style weight for a quicker dive and a more aggressive posture. Offered in a number of incredibly effective color patterns, the Imakatsu IK-800 R2 Deep Impact ensures that no bass is out of reach, no matter how deep they dwell.

  • Length: 2.5 in.   Weight: 3/4 oz.   Depth: 18+ ft.