Imakatsu Kominami 3D Gill Pop

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  • Imakatsu Kominami 3D Gill Pop
  • Length: 120 mm.  
  • Weight: 1.6 oz.  
  • Type: Floating


Splashed acute respiratory sound type complete reproduction system Pro guide who keeps dozens of Rocumul every season · Yu Konan.He advanced the development for the Rokumaru hunting in the busy period of Weed,Joint type Gill type popper Jerk bait · GilI Pop. The Gill Pop has a Popper type head, but it is not a simple top water lure,Hybrid bait with various faces.The figure which floats on the surface of the water is a "gil type big bait" that gives off an overwhelming presence.Poppers play a pop sound with a proper amount of splash if you do it a little.Dive from there and add a jerk, a sharp dirt that makes use of the joint structureIt changes to "a girly jerk bait just under the water surface" that is repeated.Large weight rattle weight in the body rapidly floats to the surface of the water making full use of high buoyancy at the immediate posture. A collision with the inner wall, the sound "tick" or "crackling" echoes.This "crackling sound" is a performance that Konan sticks to since it was first developed,The respiratory sound called "crackling" which occurs when the acid-losing gill is intense on the surface of the water Completely reproduced (there is also a theory that sounds are supplementing insects). Konan Gilpop's Large Flat Body Resonantly Amplifies Internal Rattle Sound Like a Taiko There is an action, and the joint structure causes swaying of the body at the time of floating,It became possible to make a clear crackling whistle. The monster bass lurking in the depths of the Canadian algae jungle is brought up to the water surface at onceKonan Gilpop with "Multiple appeal power" that can be done.Not only Weedflat of Lake Biwa, but also Nogo Pond, River, Kasumizu system, Reservoir,A new genre lure that can be applied anywhere in the area where Blue Gill lives.Gil type lure has evolved to this point.