Imakatsu Kominami 3D Gill Pop

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Imakatsu Kominami 3D Gill Pop splashed acute respiratory sound type complete reproduction system Pro guide who keeps dozens of Rocumul every season · Yu Konan.He advanced the development for the Rokumaru hunting in the busy period of Weed,Joint type Gill type popper Jerk bait · GilI Pop. The Gill Pop has a Popper type head, but it is not a simple top water lure,Hybrid bait with various faces.The figure which floats on the surface of the water is a "gil type big bait" that gives off an overwhelming presence. Poppers play a pop sound with a proper amount of splash if you do it a little.


  • Imakatsu Kominami 3D Gill Pop
  • Length: 120 mm.  Weight: 1.6 oz.  Type: Floating