Imakatsu Little Bats Crankbait

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With inheriting WADDLE BATS’s ability, 

LITTLE BATS is designed in about half size of WADDLE BATS.
LITTLE BATS works well at high pressure situation,
pond and small fields. And also it should be good for trout fishing.

This is a favorite technique of LITTLE BATS. Do not make fast and slow retrieving, you just retrieve at a constant speed. WADDLE BATS creates unexpected irregular dart motion “CHIDORI Action” randomly while you just retrieving with straight-swimability by “CHIDORI Flap” Depending on retrieving speed, the frequency of CHIDORI Action is changed. So, retrieving speed shall be changed in accordance with the field situation to find out the best. The point is to make constant speed in retrieve and get CHIDRI Action automatically without an artificial operation.

Firstly try to retrieve WADDLE BATS slowly without CHIDORI Action in a visible depth like a normal crankbait. In case that WADDLE BATS is going to go deeper, you keep rod in vertical and keep WADDLE BATS in visible depth. When WADDLE BATS goes through structure where you expect fish, you should retrieve faster one to two rotations in reeling. At the moment, if CHIDORI Action is made at the structure, it is the action we want. After going through the structure, back to normal retrieving just under surface again. The point is not to make too much CHIDORI Action, to make the action just at the point you want by change of reeling speed. This technic works well especially at vertical structure and/or weed edge in the after spawning season. We recommend reels with high gear like 1:7 for this technic.


  • Length: 40 mm.   Weight: 5 grams