Imakatsu Lures 17g Salty Sonic South Blade Baits

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From the latter half of February, the bass range will become shallower aiming for full-scale spring. The previously released South Blade 20g is mainly considered for overwintering bass capture in the 3.5-5m range, but the new 17g was developed for pre-spawn bass in the 1.5-3m range. If the range is within 3m, the remaining weed will be thicker and more, but even in a complicated weed area, you can dodge the weed with a single sheet of paper with a light and direct operation feeling, and you can hit the big bass hidden in the weed hole directly.It will be a relatively difficult time to fish when the cherry blossoms bloom, but the slightly smaller 17g silhouette and the reaction-inducing effect of the high-speed missile fall peculiar to South Blade will turn on the predation switch of the spring nervous pre-spawn bass.