Imakatsu Scare Brow 48 (Bone Model) Crankbait

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  • Length: 2 in.   Weight: 1/3 oz.   Depth: 1 to 2 ft.  
  • Type: Floating


 Diminutive, yet dangerous, the Imakatsu Scare Brow 48 Bone Model delivers a finesse-driven presentation that excels around highly pressured fish in shallow waters. Built without a rattle, the Imakatsu Scare Brow 48 Bone Model relies completely upon its tight-wobbling action and jaw-dropping deflections to trigger a feeding response from fish. Incredibly detailed throughout, the Imakatsu Scare Brow 48 Bone Model features lifelike 3D eyes and an intricate scaling pattern that stands out among all the rest. Fitted with two razor-sharp trebles, the Imakatsu Scare-brow 48 Bone Model delivers bite-sized appeal that is spells trouble for bass in shallow water.