Imakatsu Waddle Bats Crankbait

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The world's first! Innovation that produces the miracle of staggered 

"Rotary plover flap loading. Innovation Imakatsu was developed, by the "staggered flap" shaft, While keeping the straightness just Wadorubattsu just wind, Unpredictable blurred, irregular sometimes it shakes it like a flapping of "bat" The staggered action of turbulent trajectory I will occur. Just to hard bait was only certain of straight action only wind, Without having to human manipulation, spontaneous changes as if in contact with something like By cause, is the preeminent byte trigger effect on neutral bus And delivers. Nothing there is no middle or cranking those that contact, immediately below the water surface of the glass area In shallow cranking the attack, it is particularly effective. 

  • Length: 56 mm.   Weight: 10.5 grams.   Type: Floating