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Tranquil is a soft blade vibration bait born from Kaesu's unique concept. The original PVC blade with just the right firmness responds so well at low to medium retrieving speed. No unnecessary flashing, flexible, Tranquil spreads reliable pulsation in water and catches cunning big bass that don't react to regular vibration jig and swimming rubber jig. The front-weighted head, that limits floating, allows “a slow retrieve that lets you feel the blade vibration” and a smooth trace at the bottom and over the weeds. A new method, the slow rolling with a vibration bait is now a reality .The test fishing brought a lot of big bass above average, proving Tranquil's power.You can also use it in a long trace within a certain range following the blades' vibration; dragging during strong winds is effective. It works as your wild card, hammering out results in rough fields.Tranquil's quiet, life-like vibration and slow rolling will show you a new possibility of vibration bait. Try it and see the result.