Kahara Diving Kahara Frog 2-1/3” Frog

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The Diving Kahara Frog's particularly designed head configuration allows it to swim underneath the water. It also produces an enticing splashing and popping sound as it swims through the strike zone appealing to lurking fish. What really makes this amphibian leap is the specially formulated soft plastic legs. The material is a dead ringer to the real thing not only in shape and feel but also its movements.This feature coupled with its one of a kind head configuration enable the Diving Kahara frog to swim underneath the surface as it is fleeing from being an easy target; just as a real frog would attempt to do. Try working this diving frog with a straight cranking method, a stop and go or a popping method. This combination of soft hollow body and soft plastic is truly a first of its kind and perfectly emulates a real frog.