Kahara KJ Digital Scale

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  • Kahara KJ Digital Scale
  • Included: Batteries and Cloth Carring Case


Much more than just a scale, the Kahara KJ Digital Scale combines performance and convenience into one multi-functional, pocket-sized package. Able to hold fish up-to 55lbs, the Kahara KJ Digital Scale features a hook on the backside that allows anglers to quickly weigh their catch with a 15-second automatic locking readout. When the scale is not in use, a strategically placed magnet keeps the hook from dangling.

Offering more than your everyday scale, the Kahara KJ Digital Scale incorporates a built-in water temperature sensor, which allows anglers to gauge conditions without a fishfinder. At the front, the Kahara KJ Digital Scale is equipped with two super-bright LED’s that provide illumination in low-light and no-light scenarios.

Included with a convenient carrying pouch, the Kahara KJ Digital Scale is only four-inches in length and incredibly easy to stash in a boat compartment, tacklebox, and backpack. Complete with a simple push-button design, the Kahara KJ Digital Scale provides all-in-one performance that any angler will appreciate.