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Little Creeper All American 6” Trash Fish Swimbait 2pk

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The Little Creeper All American Trash Fish was made to be more than just another pretty minnow. The action is the most important thing to us at Little Creeper, and I think you will agree with those who have had a chance to throw it, that the action is the best part about the bait. The Trash Fish is made with two different densities of plastic. This gives the bait a unique action and also makes it tougher and more durable than most swimbaits. The hook pocket in the top of the bait holds the hook at the bend, not the point, leaving the hook-point loose and exposed in the pocket for superior hook-sets. The Trash Fish has many actions, and can be fished super slow on the bottom or waked across the surface equally as well. We have found that if jerked correctly the bait will turn to the side or can be made to turn all the way around. If given line after jerking, the bait will slowly swim off in the direction it turned. We have been flipping the bait in heavy cover like a jig. When flipped the bait swims horizontally through the cover, and can be redirected with a small twitch of the rod allowing the bait to swim around in the tree or other cover. So far we have done quite well flipping the Trash Fish as well as using it as a jerk bait.