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Little Creeper All American Trash Fish 6” Swimbait 2pk

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The Little Creeper All-American Trash Fish Swimbaitwas hand-sculpted using the body style of a Hitch as the model, but it is virtually identical to almost every trash fish in North America, including juvenile Shiners, Suckers, squawfish, Alewives, Perch, Carp, Smelt, etc. Despite its realistic profile, the action of the All-American Trash Fish is the best part about the bait. Made with two different densities of plastic, this helps produce its unique swimming motion, and also makes it tougher and more durable than most soft swimbaits. Extremely versatile, it can be fished super slow on the bottom or waked across the surface equally as well, and can even be flipped into heavy cover like a jig. Available in a variety of realistic color combinations,