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Manifold Detail Works 2020 DENIINO Swimbait (YUGO Frame)

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The leather lure was born in 2011 to capture the largest bass lurking in Lake Biwa. The leather lure has been greatly strengthened by the power of two biggest bass hunters on Lake Biwa and have been using leather lures all year long and are looking for that bass of a lifetime.


The Stainless steel frame is the basis for the strength of the DENIINO and the polyethylene body creates the texture of a bait fish. DENIINO is like living bait by covering them with leather.

The leather lure does not get colder than the ABS lure, it has the same body temperature as baitfish, and lower the water temperature, the more powerful it will be. The leather lure moves properly when the leather absorbs water. When adjusting the weight, stab a nail sinker between the seams on the abdomen to adjust. Leather lures tend to float when the water temperature is low, and and tend to sink when the water temperature is high. The body of the leather lure is made of polyethylene, so it does not hydrolyze even if you absorb water.

After using a leather lure, hang it and let it dry slowly as the use of leather lures progresses, the surface foil becomes weathered and becomes like a weak fish. Please try various settings to find out the characteristics of the lure.

YUGO FRAME: The common way to use the leather lure with the standard frame and the YUGO frame is to use a slow retrieve in the middle range. The YUGO frame are sometimes used with heavy weights hanging from the YUGO frame. It is used to hit the leather lure against an obstacle such as a rock to make the bass attack the leather lure. The standard frame is required when using leather lures in a natural way. The YUGO frame is necessary when the leather lure is in heavy contact with an obstacle.

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  • Manifold Detail Works 2020 DENIINO Swimbait
  • Length: 13-1/2 in   Weight: 11-1/2 oz
  • Frame: Stainless Steel by Laser Cut
  • Body: Polyethylene by Shaving Processing
  • Leather: Horsehide 100% Vegetable Tanning