Megabass Carrozzeria WOODY DOG-X (Limited Production)

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Over the last 20 years, the original DOG-X has been manufactured through ABS resin molding. The original DOG-X realistically replicated the irregular movements and water disruption of bait fish fleeing from bass on the water’s surface. Megabass Carrozzeria has now taken that DOG-X and completely reproduced it with an all-natural wood body. Keeping the unique swept body shape, and the delta head that adds thickness to the gill area, it uses a twin weight seesaw balancer to help create a sharp dog walk action. The wood body allows for a much quieter lure than that equally sized molded body lure. Also, during aggressive attacks from bass that break through the surface, the lure will not easily be bounced off, allowing from more reliable bites. The WOODY DOG-X is a true gem that embodies Yuki Ito’s theory that lures made with natural materials combine all the principles of lure building within them.


  • Length: 3-1/2 in   Weight: 1/4 oz  
  • Type: Topwater